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Tax evasion – When does it reach the statute of limitation?

Tax evasion is subject to a limitation period of 10 years and in case of unintentional tax fraud 5 years. However, the limitation period only starts at the end of each year, in which a tax return is filed. If a tax return is not filed, the limitation period only starts after 3 years, i.e. […]

Tax Evasion – Consequences

If the tax authorities detect and prove tax evasion, the worst case scenario is being sentenced to 10 years in prison. In case of smaller offenses with up to €50,000 evaded tax, only penalties are imposed. In case the evaded tax amount ranges between €50,000 to €100,000, a prison sentence, which can be suspended, is […]

Black money: Why is the risk of being found particularly high now?

Why is black money no longer “safe” in any tax haven? The shortest possible answer: see Panama Papers. A more detailed answer: All offers to conceal black money are per se untrustworthy. Nevertheless, it is only a matter of time until the most remote tax havens agree to exchange information, get rid of their banking […]

Inheritance tax rates in Germany

Tax value up to & incl. Tax class    1 2  3 75.000 Euro 7 % 15 % 30 % 300.000 Euro 11 % 20 % 30 % 600.000 Euro 15 % 25 % 30 % 6.000.000 Euro 19 % 30 % 30 % 13.000.000 Euro 23 % 35 % 50 % 26.000.000 Euro 27 % 40 % 50 % more […]

Inheritance tax: Personal tax exemptions

Tax exempt amount (§ 16 ErbStG) Tax class (§ 15 ErbStG) for the spouse and the partner (civil partnerships) 500.000 € I for children and grandchildren, whose parents have passed away, as well as for stepchildren and adopted children 400.000 € I for grandchildren 200.000 € I for parents and grandparents for acquisition by inheritance 100.000 € […]

Specialist advisors for international taxation

There are very few experts in the field of international taxation among certified tax advisors and lawyers. The title “Specialist Advisor for International Taxation” is protected and also demands some amount of effort from the certified tax advisors. To qualify, a person must be appointed as a certified tax advisor for at least 3 years. […]

Transfer Pricing Methods

In Germany, the following transfer pricing methods are recognised by the tax authorities: Comparable Uncontrolled Price method (CUP) Resale price method Cost plus method Profit split method Transactional Net Margin Method (TNMM) This could also be interesting for you: Transfer Price – Definition Transfer pricing documentation Did we get your attention? Click here to find […]

Transfer Pricing Documentation – Who Must Draw It Up?

If a German company or a German permanent establishment is involved and if the cross-border services exceed a value of € 600,000 p.a. or the supplies exceed a value of € 6 million p.a, a transfer pricing documentation must be presented, which corresponds to the strict and detailed regulations. Companies, which have not fulfilled this […]

Transfer price – What is that?

Internal price (also known as transfer price) is the price charged between different departments of a company or between different companies in a group for internally exchanged goods and services (e.g. delivery of goods, royalties, loans, provision of employees). It plays an important role in tax law since it can be used to shift profits […]

Trip to Israel in February/March 2019

From 18.02. to 01.03.2019 our managing director Oliver Biernat made a trip to Israel, where he visited many of our Israeli clients and potential clients in and around Tel Aviv, Yokne’am, Jerusalem and Lod. He also attended the GGI ITPG Global Tax Summit in Tel Aviv from 24 to 27 February 2019 as Global Chairman […]