DATEV Upload Mobil

Upload of travel expense receipts via app

Requirements and setup:

  • It is imperative that you use the DATEV software „Unternehmen online“ application, which entails additional costs but also brings further advantages. This includes, for example, audit-proof archiving of receipts, online read access at any time to your own accounting and reports with access to the scanned receipts linked to the individual posting records.
  • Every user, i.e. every employee of the client who is to use it, requires a smartphone with IOS (I-Phone) or Android operating system version 5.1 or higher and must download and use the following two apps:
    1. the app “DATEV SmartLogin” is required for authentication
    2. the app “DATEV Upload Mobil” is required for photographing and uploading.
  • If you need assistance with the initial setup, we or our IT provider will be happy to support you.
  • Now you can photograph your receipts and upload them to DATEV Unternehmen online“.
  •  After the upload, your receipt is immediately ready for further processing.


  • Simple and fast digitalisation and transfer of receipts – even when you’re out and about
  • Intuitive operation & simple handling
  • Time savings for the entrepreneur or his employees who travel a lot
  • Use of unproductive times
  • No more searching for receipts at the weekend or at the end of the month when travel expenses are settled
  • Documents are earlier with the tax advisor/superior and can be refunded earlier
  • Immediate access and further processing of the documents in the accounting department after the upload


  •  High data volume when documents are uploaded on the move without a WIFI connection
  • The use of the software „Unternehmen Online“ is mandatory
  • High storage costs with large number of documents (approx. 1 MB instead of 75 KB storage space/page). Each 500 MB additional storage space currently costs 3.50 €/month additionally. As booking receipts have to be kept for 10 years, e.g. 5 GB in 10 years cost 4,200 € instead of approx. 323 € when using a normal scanner.
  • There is no link between the photographs and additional information (e.g. the number of hours of absence from home, which customer or which country was visited), i.e. you still have to prepare a travel expense reports for business trips and/or handwrite additional information on the receipt before photographing. Otherwise, there will be confusion, which will require further inquiries in order to comply with German rules.
  • Automatic image recognition takes a long time and is not reliable in all cases. The quality of the documents is worse with manual photography than with scanning in the office or at home. Unreadable documents or missing parts may make queries necessary.


Status: 1st. August 2019. Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!