Don’t find your sector here? No problem.

We have displayed only a few sectors as an example since otherwise the scope of this website would be blown out of proportion. We have already worked for many more sectors that are not mentioned here or can certainly work for new ones.

In addition, not every sector has special problems. The demands on finance and accounting are often comparable with those of other sectors so this does not represent any hurdle for us. We are experts in taxation and accounting and we are confident that we can quickly pick up the special problems of further sectors.

The Benefitax Team

The Benefitax Team

However, there are sectors which require special knowledge that needs to be updated constantly. But, it is only worthwhile for accountants, who represent many clients from this sector, considering the amount of time required for keeping up to date with changes. We accept  engagements only when we are convinced that we can also offer our clients the best possible quality and understand their problems. Therefore, we reject engagements, which would require special knowledge or expertise, which is not available with us. For example, engagements, which require a good knowledge of the German banking act or the German Insurance Supervision Act, are among the rejected sectors.

Ask us. We will frankly tell you whether we are familiar with the matter requested by you, as we only want happy clients.


  • Architects
  • Facility management, Real estate management
  • Certified financial planners
  • Holding companies
  • Hotel industry
  • Real estate agents
  • Engineers
  • IT sector
  • Investment companies
  • Logistics
  • Broadcaster
  • Lawyers
  • Travel agencies
  • Authorized experts
  • Business consultancies
  • Asset management
  • Advertisement industry
  • Chartered accountants and accountancy firms (peer review)


  • Automotive industry/suppliers
  • Construction
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical industry
  • Printing press
  • Electrical engineering
  • Renewable energies /solar technology
  • Beverages
  • Cosmetics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Furniture
  • Pharmaceuticals / generics
  • Lubricants
  • Telecommunications
  • Cement


  • Retail
  • Wholesale trade
  • Import / Export
  • Departmental stores
  • Software

Let us know, in which sector you work. We will tell you what we can do for you.
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