International tax law may apply to all private individuals, e.g. with foreign income while living in Germany, or vice versa

Not only corporations are affected by international tax law. You as an individual may also be impacted if you live in Germany and have foreign income or if you live abroad and receive income from Germany. We are happy to help wherever we can in these situations. Please note, however, that due to the complexity of the material we are unable to take cases from individuals that fall below our minimum fee of €1,000. This ensures that we can give your specific situation the careful attention it deserves.

If you are sent abroad, be sure to discuss the payroll accounting implications with your employer!

Payroll accounting is an important consideration for employees assigned abroad. We assist you with the variety of factors to be considered.

Planning to emigrate? You are only exempt from filing taxes in your home country if certain conditions have been met

Are you planning on giving up your resident status in your home country and moving abroad? Is it sufficient to merely inform the local passport authorities of your change in status? What happens if you have significant assets? Learn more about exit taxation here.

Inheritance tax – heir in France, decedent in the USA, real estate property in Germany: It’s easy to make costly mistakes without professional help!

Inheritance taxes must be considered if you receive an inheritance or gift from abroad to avoid being taxed in both jurisdictions. In fact, the European Court of Justice has issued rulings in the past confirming the legality of double taxation! We strongly advise obtaining expert advice prior to making any sizable gifts, writing a will, or purchasing property in another country.

International Tax Law for Individuals

International Tax Law for Individuals