Self-disclosure: What changes came into effect in 2015?

  •    Subsequent tax declarations for all tax offenses of one tax not subject to the limitation period for minimum 10 years (previously 5 years)
  •     New reasons for blocking (i.e. self-disclosure not allowed): VAT or wage taxation inspection, tax evasion of more than €25,000 per offense, especially severe case of tax evasion
  •     Prerequisite conditions for exemption from punishment are not only the timely payment of tax but also the timely payment of the interest.
  •     A partial self-disclosure is effective for VAT and declaration on wage tax
  •     A surcharge of 10-20% on the evaded tax is levied if the tax exceeds €25,000 per offense
  •     For tax evasion of investment income from third countries, the statute of limitation only starts running after 10 years (so the tax authorities can demand tax returns up to 20 years).

In addition, all EU countries have pledged to implement a new EU Interest directive in the national laws from 01.01.2016. There is an EU-wide, automatic information exchange so that the fiscal authorities can tax the interest payment at the domicile of the account holder.

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