Tax consulting and accounting: Services of Benefitax GmbH

As Tax Consulting and Public Audit Company, we offer a variety of services for companies and individuals. Read more here.

Consulting for companies

Consultation on how to set up a company and on fiscal registration

Payroll accounting

  • Payroll accounting is a confidential matter. The legal provisions keep changing on a regular basis. Mistakes or delays upset the employees and can also prove to be expensive when dealing with the tax office or social security carriers. We check the travel expense reports of your employees whether expenses are subject to wage tax. We gladly take over the work from you: just like an outsourced HR department. Outsource payroll accounting

Financial accounting, advance VAT returns

  • Expertise and accuracy are key to financial accounting and advance VAT returns. We use DATEV-Unternehmen Online and Bank Assistant software. Such software helps to reduce the error ratio and time spent on accounting. Sending the documents by post or bringing along the original receipts are a thing of the past. Upon request, we process payment transactions for you.  Outsource financial accounting

Interim financial statements

  • We handle the preparation of interim financial statements and monthly reports for the German subsidiaries so that the parent company can get an insight any time. Prepare reportings

Annual financial statements according commercial law and tax law

  • It is legally mandatory for corporations to file annual financial statements according to commercial law and tax law. We prepare commercial balance sheets, tax balance sheets and cash basis accounting for our clients and publish financial data upon request. More on annual financial statements

Corporate tax returns

  • Regulations on company tax returns such as VAT returns, trade tax returns and corporate income tax returns keep changing constantly. We know what to put where in the forms. We also prepare withholding tax returns in case of dividend distributions. We prepare your tax returns

Tax field audits

  • Tax field audits are generally carried out at our premises. We clarify the queries of the auditor on your behalf and fight for your right. Even the case goes to trial, if necessary. Tax field audits

Audits of financial statements

  • We carry out voluntary and statutory audits of annual financial statements as well as special audits. As specially qualified chartered accountants, we may also perform peer reviews. More on our offers on audits

Company mergers and acquisitions

Business consultation

Wealthy individuals: main services

Income tax

  • The tax legislation keeps changing – and so is the case with the tax forms and regulations. Allow us to prepare your income tax return to ensure accuracy and correctness. We aktively advise on tax saving wherever possible. Income tax

Gift tax and inheritance tax

  • What needs to be considered when thinking about the taxation of inheritances and gifts? The legislation is quite complex. It’s a relief that you can rely on our expertise: Gift tax and inheritance tax

Wills and gifts


  • Are you planning larger acquisitions and don’t know their tax implications? What is the right decision in your case? Maybe buy real estate to rent out? New capital assets? We advise you on investments.

Contact with the authorities


International taxation for companies

Consultation on international taxation

Transfer pricing documentation

  • International groups with cross-border internal deliveries or services must keep adequate records of such deliveries and services and must prove transfer prices are at arm’s length. Compilation of transfer pricing documentation.

Tax field audit of cross-border transactions

  • Do you have problems in a tax field audit for cross-border transactions? Is your tax advisor out of his depth, when the specialized tax auditor for cross-border transactions shows up? Tax field audit of cross-border transactions.

Expert opinions on VAT

  • Do you have customers in foreign countries? Do you make deliveries to a foreign country? We check whether invoices comply with  German VAT regulations or whether you need to register yourself in another country for VAT purposes. We provide expert opinions on VAT as a guideline so that you can avoid mistakes and save money in the long run.

Tax consulting for expatriates

  • Do you want to send your employees on an international assignment in a foreign country? What kind of tax implications do international assignments have? Have you thought about the obligation to contribute to local social security? Which applications need to be made and when?
    Consultation for expatriates

Tax planning

  • You want to reduce the effective group tax rate. What is the most favorable tax rate structure? Which prerequisites must be fulfilled? Learn more about tax planning here.

Expansion in a foreign country

  • Do you plan to expand your company outside of Germany, which tax implications are to be considered? Which legal form should you select? How long does it take to set up a company and how much does it cost? Who will be responsible on-site? You have a subsidiary or a permanent establishment in a foreign country. Are you effected by business restructuring? Where are taxes to be paid? What do you need to keep in mind?

Consultation on income tax in a foreign country

Overview of our main services on international taxation for individuals

  • You earn income in a foreign country. Where do you need to declare it? Do you have to declare it in German tax return? Taxation on income from a foreign country.
  • You are a foreigner and earn income from German sources. How will you handle taxation? Consultation on income tax
  • You were assigned to a foreign country by your employer. Which tax implications are to be considered? Where do you have to file tax returns? Which authorities need to be informed? Tax consulting for abroad.

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