Audits under commercial law

As a Public Audit Company, we possess a special expertise and competence in commercial law, other fields of law as well as business consultation that is beyond the scope of knowledge of an average tax consultancy firm. What sets us apart from certified tax advisors?

We offer a range of audits and follow a modern, risk-oriented audit approach, that nevertheless is a bit different from what the big audit fims offer.

Our auditing focus: voluntary and statutory annual audits as per the German Commercial Code

Our audit approach

Risk-oriented audit approach

Benefitax follows a risk-oriented audit approach, and thus, we link the results of the structured risk analysis with the functional audits of the internal control system and the substantive audit procedures. We attempt to reduce the audit procedures to the necessary extent with respect to the scaled audit approach. Therefore, document checks are not the key focus of our audits.

How is Benefitax different from the large accountancy firms?

In contrast to large accountancy firms, we follow the approach where predominantly experienced employees are involved in the audit. Generally, this method involves colleagues with extensive previous experience in preparing annual financial statements. The great benefit of this is that these colleagues can put themselves in the position of the ones being audited. The mindless ticking off of checklists is at the expense of the clients – a greater expertise of the auditor can be expected for coherence in accounting in practice. Less “beginner’s questions” are asked. This saves time for the auditor and the ones being audited. The responsible chartered accountant is personally and closely involved in the audit. The same auditors as the previous year are annually engaged with little fluctuation, which reduces re-orientation for each new year.

Our employees regularly attend advanced training courses of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (IDW) and other training institutes. We value quality in audits, and thus, do not offer any audits at dumping prices.

Our portfolio for audits

  • Voluntary or statutory audits of  annual financial statements
  • Quality control audits (Peer Review)
  • Review of financial statements
  • Audit of accounting related internal control systems
  • Audit of risk management systems
  • Audit of IT systems and data security processes
  • Audit or certification of outsourcing companies as per ISAE 3402 or IDW PS 951 on “The audit of internal control system for service industry”
  • Special audits in accordance to stock corporation law and other specialized audits
  • Audits on formation of a company on the basis of contributions in kind, audits of increases of the nominal share capital
  • Credibility audits / balance sheet rating

Jahresabschluss Prüfung Wirtschaftsprüfer

Annual audits by us as chartered accountants

Our auditing focus: Voluntary and statutory annual audits as per the German Commercial Code
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