Prof. Dr. Kay-Michael Wilke – Lawyer, retired and Certified tax advisor

Key ac­tiv­i­ties

  • Procedural law
  • Appeal, complaint proceedings before fiscal court, Federal Finance Court, European Court of Justice
  • International taxation
  • Transfer pricing
  • Corporate income tax law
  • Advice on company succession
  • Law for non-profit organizations
  • Civil law and tax law pertaining to foundations
  • Civil law pertaining to associations

Prof. Dr. Wilke was presiding judge at a fiscal court and lecturer in the German Federal Ministry of Finance. He teaches at Freiburg University, Baden- Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University and Reutlingen University. He is author of a large number of articles dealing with international taxation and thus practitioner since the mid-nineties.


  • German
  • English

Speeches and Pub­li­ca­tions

  • Author of the standard textbook on international taxation (13th issue 2016), co-author of OECD model tax convention commentary, author of numerous articles on tax and corporate law.

Prof. Dr. Kay-Michael Wilke *

Certified Tax Advisor
Lawyer, retired

(All titles awarded in Germany)

Tele­fon: +49-69-25622760

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Prof. Dr. Michael Wilke