Benefitax celebrates its 15th anniversary

When Oliver Biernat founded Benefitax 15 years ago, he had already passed the professional exams to become a tax consultant and auditor, and had 15 years of professional experience at a Big4 auditing firm and several small and medium-sized auditing firms. As a partner, managing director or board member, he had already seen and experienced a lot.

His wish was to set up his own firm in Frankfurt with an international focus, targeting a precisely defined clientele. With a small but powerful team, he wanted to offer tax advice and compliance at a high professional level for demanding clients and make and implement decisions much faster than before.

So he started in 2006 in a small office in downtown Frankfurt. Since quite a few of the clients he had previously looked after personally came with him, it was not a start from nothing, but it was a new beginning nonetheless.

One of the marketing focuses from the beginning was membership in GGI. Since 2008, Oliver Biernat has been the chairperson of the “International Tax Practice Group” (ITPG) there and has consistently expanded the group. Today, around 600 tax experts from 90 countries are ITPG members, whose expertise Benefitax advisors can draw on for the benefit of their clients.

Since then, the expansion with the aforementioned specialisations has continued consistently and value has been placed on healthy growth with clients that love Benefitax and fit into their target group.

On the occasion of its 15th anniversary, Benefitax invited clients and cooperation partners to a visit to the famous Oktoberfest on 1 October. For pandemic reasons, the excursion took place quite comfortably virtually. Together with a famous “Wiesn beer”, the guests toasted Benefitax, its clients and cooperation partners, visited tents and rides and learned a lot about the most famous folk festival in the world.

For the right “Wiesn feeling”, all participants received a “Wiesn Box” with delicious, funny and typical Oktoberfest products in advance, among them the original “Oktoberfest stein” 2021. After about 90 entertaining and enjoyable minutes, everyone agreed that it was a successful event.

We are looking forward to the next years with our colleagues, clients and cooperation partners.