Support for meetings with the bank

Every company requires funds. A minimum level of financial resources is necessary for the foundation of a company as well as for the expansion of the business activities. Insufficient equity is sometimes a problem for the entrepreneurs. It is sometimes advisable to invest borrowed capital in order to use the so-called leverage effect and to increase the return on equity. However, how do I get the required borrowed capital as an entrepreneur?

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How can we help you?

We provide you alternatives to bank funding

We calculate the tax effect of various funding alternatives.
If you wish to use government grants, cheap loans or guarantees, we shall check suitable means of funding of the countries, federal state or the EU or refer you to experts.

We provide support for the preparation before meetings with your bank, the professional preparation of all documents like a business plan and documents on the past financial situation.

If the documents have been prepared by you / a third party, we can act as a sparring partner and verify the plausibility before documents are submitted to the bank.

As a general rule, currently, banks expect businessman to personally present the business plan and do not accept if the presentation is done by the advisor. We provide you with the commercial background and help you understand the bank documents accurately, if required. Only then you can be convincing!

Support for meetings with the bank

Support for meetings with the bank

Convince your bank! We will help you in the run-up to meetings with your bank.
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