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We are familiar with Israel as tax consultants

For many years, we have been working for larger companies, some of which are listed on the NASDAQ, with their parent company based in Israel, and we support their German subsidiaries. We are active both in the area of financial compliance and in tax consulting such as transfer pricing. German companies wishing to invest in Israel can obtain valuable advice from us and contact Israeli tax advisors or lawyers. Benefitax is a member of the German-Israeli Chamber of Commerce in Tel Aviv, the official representative of the German economy. The German-Israeli Chamber of Commerce serves to maintain and improve bilateral trade relations and investments between Israel and Germany. The Benefitax is included in the list of tax offices in Germany recommended by the German-Israeli Chamber of Commerce.

Israel Desk as a One-Stop-Shop

Mr. Oliver Biernat, our Managing Director, is primarily responsible for our Israel Desk. We provide Israeli companies that want to build up or expand their business in Germany with the freedom to take over the complete financial compliance if desired. Benefitax offers all kinds of tax and accounting services for your business in Germany. Our Israel Desk serves primarily as a coordinator and mediator. As part of our tax consulting services, we offer, for example, expert opinions on VAT issues across borders, transfer prices or international tax planning. On request, we can serve as a central point of contact for all kinds of questions. If the purchase of a German company is intended, we can offer extensive services in the area of M&A. This includes in particular due diligence and company valuation.

Our experience in Israel

Mr. Biernat occasionally visits our clients in Israel. In his private life, he travelled to Israel and was greeted by the view of Carmel in Haifa, the wineries in the Golan Heights and swimming in the Dead Sea. In 2019 Mr. Biernat attended the GGI ITPG Global Tax Summit in Tel Aviv, a conference of accountants, tax advisors and lawyers who are experts in international tax law. His practice group ITPG (International Taxation Practice Group) had initiated the meeting. On this occasion, he also met with his Israeli GGI partner firms in Tel Aviv and Herzelia.

Experiences with Israeli companies in Germany

Benefitax is excellently connected in Germany. We are well known by the employees of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Frankfurt responsible for Israel, the FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH and the Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH. Israeli companies are usually very successful in Germany. They learn quickly and adapt to business practices in Germany. Compliance and the fast and correct answering of questions is extremely important to you. The financial data of the German unit must be regularly transferred to Group Controlling. These tasks are complex. Benefitax offers here a good alternative to the Big4 auditing companies on a high professional level at moderate fees. Our office is only 20 minutes away from the international airport Frankfurt and is located in the German financial center Frankfurt am Main with excellent infrastructure. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our Israel Desk services and receive a quote.

German-Israeli Chamber of Commerce

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