Tax consulting for individuals:
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You have to do something to keep your wealth in the family. As certified tax advisors, we assist with tax planning, income tax, gift tax, inheritance tax and establishment of foundations. Talk to us.

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  • Income tax

    Benefitax GmbH gives advice on income tax and how to maximize tax benefits. We prepare your income tax returns, review your tax assessment notice and advise you on how to optimize your tax situation and how to save taxes. Further information has been compiled on a separate page for you. Link to income tax.

  • Tax planning in general

    Taxes can be planned and the tax payment may be rescheduled. Taxes may be reduced by e.g. changing the type of income or the country where they have to be taxed. The interposition of companies may be tax beneficial or create a tax deferral. The taxable income from the sale of shares or property can also be influenced. It is especially important in the case of substantial income or assets.

    It must be noted that not all allegedly lucrative tax tips are legally permitted or worth it. Decisions made based on such tax tips often come with enormous closing- or administration costs. Furthermore, there are often legal provisions that do not allow certain tax models, such as letterbox companies. In a personal meeting with you, we will be happy to check your options and to stipulate the details that need to be specifically considered during tax planning. If needed, we can invite experts from abroad to join, using our worldwide alliance. Contact us.

  • Tax planning for wills/gifts

    Many last wills are invalid as they have not been handwritten in full or have not been deposited at a notary public or with a German court. If valid at all, they are often a disaster with respect to tax since a tax expert has not reviewed them. Lawyers or notary publics often claim that tax consulting is not part of their services. As an example, we do not recommend the “Berlin last will” in principle as important tax-free allowances for the children will be lost. Read here how we review existing last wills and contracts of inheritance in step one of our consultation and optimize them for you in step 3.

  • Tax Planning within the family

    If all family members work together in unison, a lot of money can be saved. The tax optimized plans such as anticipated succession or family pool and tax optimized contracts help preserve the wealth within the family. For fiscal consideration of the costs for caring for your parents as tax deductible expenses or extraordinary personal expenses incurred by the children or even if it concerns company succession, please contact us. We will be glad to advise you personally.

  • Taxation of income from foreign country

    You have a bank account, a security account or a property abroad. But you do not know whether you need to declare it to the tax authorities, in which country or whether the income already taxed in a foreign country needs to be declared again in Germany. Read more on taxation of income from a foreign country here.

  • Help with tax evasion: Self-disclosure is the way out

    If you are uncertain whether tax evasion has occurred or why it has been committed, we will investigate this for you and give you advice on what needs to be done now. A severe punishment can probably be avoided by correction of the income or through self-disclosure, before the tax fraud investigation becomes imminent or interest and dividends from black money are reported by your foreign bank to your tax authorities. Has the offense perhaps already fallen under the statute of limitations? Read about things you need to consider here.

  • International assignment – Tax consulting for expatriates

    Your employer plans to send you on an international assignment for some time and offers you a financial advantage or substantial career growth. But you are unsure about what lies ahead and what you must do to avoid disadvantages pertaining to tax and social security in Germany. You would not be the first expatriate paying extra taxes and paying taxes twice. Please consult a certified tax advisor independent of your employer. Read here, what you need to consider in case of an international assignment.

Tax consulting for individuals

Tax consulting for individuals

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