Telephone calls, Voice over IP, Skype, WebEx, Video conferences, E-Mail: We use all these to provide various solutions to our clients from the Telecommunications sector.

Tax consulting for telecommunications companies is one of our specializations in the true sense. We are easily reachable through telecommunication media – it is one of the many benefits that our clients enjoy.

Telecommunications is a booming economic sector: We are always there for you.

Network upgrading, increasing digitalization, Industry 4.0, Cloud Computing and data security are some very demanding issues for companies. Fulfilling ever-changing regulatory demands, perpetual customization of your portfolio to the rapidly changing consumer behavior and the optimization and rationalization of your processes and systems is indispensable for retaining your competitive advantage. Telecommunications service providers have to work with the latest trends and stay constantly informed of the latest developments to be up-to-date. This also holds true in taxation since constant changes mean that we have to always keep up to date. We can therefore identify with your problems and are happy to assist you.

We have extensive experience in working with many clients from different segments of the telecommunications industry. We assist you in complying with requirements in taxation and accounting and take this burden off your shoulders, so that you can concentrate on your specialty: Telecommunications.

Services in tax consulting for the telecommunications companies

Typical clients from the telecommunications sector

Here are few of our typical clients from telecommunications sector

  • Provider of prepaid cards for mobiles
  • Cable operators
  • Installation of transmitter towers
  • Fixed-network and mobile operators
  • Internet service providers
  • Telecommunications suppliers

The following solutions taken from our scope of services help you and your company achieve your goals:

Tax consulting for telecommunications companies: you offer more than data transmission just as we offer much more than tax planning.
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