Income Tax and Income Tax Return

We are asked time and again whether we also offer services for “normal” income tax returns. Of course we do.
We also cater to individuals, starting at a specific income level.
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When it comes to tax returns, we stand by you

Perpetually new tax forms and regulations, lack of knowledge regarding the tax-deductible costs, multi-layered income, and the fear of doing something wrong as well as simply the lack of time to deal with tax authorities: these are the most common reasons why taxpayers get their income tax returns prepared by a certified tax advisor. We stand up for you and your rights, with regard to the below tasks:

  • Preparation of income tax returns
  • Responding to queries of the tax authorities regarding the tax returns
  • Checking the notices of income tax assessments
  • Making applications such as deadline extensions
  • Registrations, de-registrations and change in registration related to tax
  • Handling appeal proceedings
  • Complaints to the fiscal court

Our clients receive a checklist from us, which we will be happy to discuss with you. This way you do not forget any income and it is ensured that all the tax-deductible expenses help reduce your tax burden. We will gladly prepare a non-binding proposal for you. Kindly bring your income tax assessments of the last two years along for a complimentary introductory meeting. We will discuss the scope of services appropriate for you in the matter of tax consulting.

Income tax and income tax return

Income tax and income tax return

Income tax and income tax return.
Save yourself the hassle.
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