Corporate Social Responsibility at Benefitax

As a tax consulting and auditing firm, we are bound by strict legal requirements – but that is not enough for us. We feel particularly committed to our clients, employees and the environment and would like to make a contribution in order to continue to use these resources with a clear conscience in the future.

Get to know Benefitax a little better and find out what we do about it below:

Our clients – partnership based on mutual trust

As a tax consulting and auditing firm, we are subject to strict statutory regulations per se and are obliged to our clients to maintain absolute confidentiality of all documents and information received. We take this commitment very serious and attach great importance to always acting within the framework of legality, even in our tax structuring consulting activities. Our clients appreciate this.

For us, as an auditing firm, more far-reaching professional principles apply than for tax consulting firms. We are guided by the principle of faithful and diligent accountability. In the case of audit findings and when preparing expert opinions, we record all facts that are essential for the assessment and evaluate them solely from the case. In the case of expert opinions for courts and public authorities as well as in the case of arbitration opinions or similar tasks, we represent opposing opinions on the matter and weigh them against each other. We behave in such a way that we justify the particular trust of the public and maintain our duty of loyalty to the client.



Our employees – our most important capital

We demand a lot from our employees and see them as the most important factor for our economic success. It is therefore important to us that our employees feel comfortable and enjoy their work. We therefore see it as our task to make the working environment pleasant and to respond to individual needs as much as possible.

When hiring new employees, we decide on the basis of their objective suitability and irrespective of gender, religion or nationality. All our employees are covered by health insurance and the majority holds unlimited employment contracts. We attach great importance to ensuring that legal break regulations are adhered to and that overtime only occurs within reasonable limits.

In order to ensure the compatibility of work and family life, we offer part-time jobs as well as the opportunity to work occasionally in the home office.

With a women’s quota of more than 50%, we are ahead of many large companies – and we do so voluntarily.

We invest in the next generation of professional staff: we train them to become assistant tax consultants. From the very beginning, our trainees receive external training courses that extend beyond the vocational school and are instructed by our tax consultants in the specialist and administrative areas of a tax consulting and auditing firm by means of on-the-job training. This enables our trainees to assume responsibility quickly.

Tobogganing in Austria

Tobogganing in Austria

Through regular internal and external training courses, we ensure that all our employees are always up to date with the latest technical developments. As a rule, our technical staff exceeds by far the minimum requirements for professional training.

The health and well-being of our employees is also very important to us. In our office we provide modern, air-conditioned workplaces in small office units, which enable concentrated work. If desired, many ouf our employees receive a tax-free employer’s allowance for membership of a fitness studio in the same building. For example, they can visit the fitness studio during their lunch break to do sports, go swimming or to go to the sauna.

Good performance is rewarded: at least once a year we hold annual interviews with all our employees and those who are particularly committed can look forward to a performance-related bonus. We also offer some employees the opportunity to travel abroad as part of seminars and events.

Regular corporate events such as company outings or Christmas parties promote a feeling of belonging together among employees and thus increase their satisfaction.

Our environment – conserving resources for a better future

As an internationally oriented tax consulting and auditing firm, we look after many clients abroad. We are also a member of the worldwide alliance GGI Global Alliance AG. Business trips abroad are therefore unavoidable. However, we try to limit these to the minimum necessary or to combine several appointments in a meaningful way so as not to unnecessarily pollute the environment. Many topics can also be resolved by telephone and video conference.

Farewell to the swing folder. We offer all our clients to provide us with only digital documents. Originals remain with the client. Bank movements are transmitted digitally by the DATEV bank assistant directly from the bank. Via DATEV Unternehmen Online, clients have access to the accounting files and know at all times how their asset, liability, financial and P&L situation is. More and more of our clients are switching to digitalize bookkeeping slips, thereby protecting not only the filing racks but also the environment by reducing paper requirements and transport.

Digitalization at Benefitax

Digitalization at Benefitax

Handball Sponsoring

Handball Sponsoring

Voluntary engagement

We are financially successful, our employees are satisfied and hopefully our clients are satisfied, too, in other words: we are doing well. That’s why we take it for granted that our commitment goes beyond the box.

For many years, our Managing Director Oliver Biernat has been involved on a voluntary basis in the expert group “Business Succession” at the Frankfurt am Main Chamber of Industry and Commerce as well as in the committee “Business and Business Consulting“. Here he played a major role in the brochure “Business Models and Concepts of Consulting Companies“, a guideline for industry comparison and individual optimization of the IHK Frankfurt am Main. In addition, he volunteers his time as vice president of “The Indus Entrepreneurs Germany – TiE.”

Furthermore, he is a volunteer at the Heppenheim Ski Club in his private life.

Many of our employees are out and about, so we like to support the “European Handball Federation Champions League Final4” every year. In 2018, we also provided financial support for the “MAIN KIND” initiative against child poverty in Frankfurt am Main.

In addition, many of our employees volunteer their free time in sports clubs, church and non-profit institutions.