Foundation of a company: be right before the beginning means to be right from the beginning

The first steps for the foundation must be taken very accurately – this principle is particularly applicable for a foundation of a company or the establishment of a branch office. It involves the future tax burden, selecting the legal form, liquidity planning and many other decisions. We help you in the process.

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Start-up a subsidiary or open a branch office – we are there for you

The foundation of a company is definitely comparable to an adventure. You don’t necessarily have to start in a garage, where a number of success stories started up, especially in the US. But, there is always a bit of that “garage-feeling” involved: simple office furniture, a small vehicle fleet, you invest more time in the business development than in the artwork for the boardroom – and that is the right thing to do.
Many formalities, especially purely legal ones, need to be taken into account. The foundation of a company, a permanent establishment or a branch office is required to start a business. This is true for a German setting up a new company, but also for foreign companies wishing to gain a foothold in Germany or in Europe. Sometimes even basic steps like the registration for entry into the commercial register and obtaining a tax number is challenging for foreign companies.
The first step must therefore be taken very carefully. All the mistakes that are avoided here will not need rectification later on when the business is running well. If a tax audit takes place some years later, it may sometimes lead to unpleasant surprises. Seeking professional advice right at the beginning is therefore indispensable.

We will provide you advice before mistakes happen

We will gladly assist you in advance for the initial consideration before the foundation. If the decision for a specific ownership structure and legal form [e.g. GmbH (Limited Liability Company), AG (Joint Stock Company), KG (Limited Partnership), OHG (General Partnership), partnership companies, joint practice or e.K.] is already taken, we take over and manage the fiscal registration for you. If you grant is power of attorney, we can also be reliable contact partners for queries from the authorities.

We advise our clients before foundation of a company on e.g. the following topics:

  • Selection of legal form
  • Ownership structure
  • Comparison of tax burdens
  • Funding / Grant opportunities
  • Fiscal registration
  • Registration, de-registration or changes in registrations with other authorities
  • Checking the permissibility of the company name
  • Preparation or audit of business plans
Oliver Biernat Steuerberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer

“I know what I am talking about – after all, I also founded a company once.” Oliver Biernat – Managing Director of Benefitax GmbH (Limited Liability Company)

Foundation of a company: be right before the beginning means to be right from the beginning

Foundation of a company: be right before the beginning means to be right from the beginning

We assist you in the birth of your company – and we will happily stand by you, when your companies are learning the ropes of business.
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