Private Individuals

We primarily address demanding private individuals with extensive income or questions on tax planning and optimisation in income, inheritance and gift tax. For this group of people, we can usually save taxes to an extent that is many times our fee. We relieve you of the tiresome communication with the tax office and, if necessary, lodge objections, file suits for you before tax courts or file applications in due time.

When it comes to international tax issues, we are specialists. Thanks to our additional qualification as “expert advisors for international tax law”, the involvement of external tax professors and our membership in the international alliance of tax advisors GGI, we are excellently positioned to answer even the most complicated questions. Due to the high effort and complexity of the subject matter, we are only active in questions of international tax law from a four-digit fee.

Services for the preparation of tax returns

Typical consulting services for private individuals

Tax consulting for individuals

Tax consulting for individuals

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