Checking and Settlement of Travel Expenses

If business trips are undertaken, travel expenses must be recorded in the accounts and reimbursed to the respective employee. Why it makes sense to have this done by a specialist like Benefitax can be read here.

Digitalization is progressing – We are joining!

We prefer to receive travel expense reports and the corresponding receipts digitally. For this purpose you or your employees scan your travel expense report with the corresponding receipts. After we have set up access to our protected database for all authorized persons, the employees can send the files directly by e-mail to our software provider DATEV.

Up to 10 file attachments with a total of 20 megabytes can be uploaded per e-mail. We then link each booking record with the respective digital document in the program “Unternehmen online”, so that in the future we will be able to retrieve the corresponding documents within short time. This saves a lot of time in case of queries, the preparation and auditing of annual financial statements and later tax audits. Furthermore, it is no longer necessary to send paper receipts back and forth by mail. This saves money and time and protects the environment, e.g. when receipts that you receive digitally no longer need to be printed.

Our software provider DATEV also offers the possibility to photograph documents and upload them via Smartphone App. This allows you and your employees to immediately digitally record all paper receipts received, such as taxi receipts, restaurant bills, tickets, credit card statements or other small receipts, while traveling.

Time for post-processing on the “office day” or weekend is eliminated or reduced. Waiting times on journeys can be used sensibly. On the other hand, higher time expenditure/costs for the accountant and for the installation and storage of receipts in the secure DATEV cloud can be expected. Currently, we only recommend using the smartphone app only to a limited extent, as some users have problems with it.

Further information can be found here.

Verification and Settlement of Travel Expenses

Verification and Settlement of Travel Expenses

This is how we settle the travel expenses of your employees

Every month, you or your employees submit the travel report reports and the corresponding receipts. We check the following:

  • Whether the supervisor or the boss has approved the travel expense report
  • Whether all amounts have been correctly calculated or whether there are any mistakes
  • Whether the amounts entered in the travel expense report correspond to the receipts and whether all receipts are available
  • Check the receipts with regard to the correct input tax deduction, declare the input tax in the advance VAT returns and record all receipts
  • Whether the claimed lump sums (e.g. for the additional meal costs and lodging) correspond to the respective tax regulations. When doing so, we take into account the time of absence of the employees from their domicile and the country, in which they had stayed.
  • Whether an employer must pay wage tax or social insurance on meals or any other benefits in kind for business trips. In case we also prepare your payroll accounting, we routinely include the amounts subject to wage taxation and social security contributions there.
  • That the employees receive the payment for the reviewed travel expenses

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