Tax consulting for expatriates: in order to make sure things run smooth at home – also from abroad

You will be or have been assigned abroad by your employer for a limited period of time. International experience broadens horizons, may lead to higher income or is a career stepping stone when coming back. But what does it mean tax-wise?

  • Do I have to deregister in my home country? Is that sufficient for the tax authority in order to avoid paying taxes in two countries?
  • Can taxes paid abroad be credited on the taxes in my home country?
  • Does my employer balance tax advantages created by the assignment? Has that been calculated properly?
  • Is it possible that the expatriation can have negative effects for me?
  • What will be when I become ill? Does my health insurance also apply abroad?
  • What about my pension scheme? Does it continue to run or do I get a pension abroad?
  • Do I have to file any applications?

Many questions. Your employer can surly answer some of them. But do they represent their own interests or yours? Many employers pay expatriates for tax consulting, so that your questions can be answered and, if applicable, necessary declarations abroad will be made. Ask for it. If not, it may be useful to give a mandate to a tax consultant by your own, as mistakes can become expensive rapidly.

Assignment from abroad to Germany

If you have been assigned from abroad to Germany, you must respect German law. Further information can be found on our page on income tax.

Further information, especially for employers, can be found on the page international taxation for companies or on this page.

Assignment from Germany to a foreign country

You are assigned to a foreign country? Do you wish to know which tax and social security rules you have to respect over there? With pleasure we will find a competent expert for you in many countries. Should you de-register in Germany? Further information can be found on the page: International Tax Law for Individuals  or on this page.

Tax consulting for expatriates

Tax consulting for expatriates

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