Financial Accounting: An Obligation for Entrepreneurs, a Passion for Us

Proper maintenance of documents, travel expense reports and accounts is not just a comfort factor. It also contributes to business success in the long run. We ensure that you up to date at all times.

It Pays Off in More Ways Than One to Keep Correct and Immaculate Accounting Records: Financial Accounting as a Success Factor

Benefitax specifically offers medium-sized companies all financial accounting services. To run a successful company in the long run means keeping complete and transparant financial records. Transactions are processed faster with well-sorted documents – and the company also looks good in retrospect. In case of a tax field audit, for which we also provide support to your company, the correct rcording of all incoming and outgoing payments and also of the revenues and expenses pays off: The tax authorities are able to see that all transactions have been recorded and documented in a concise and correct manner.

Finanzbuchhaltung mit der Benefitax GmbH

Business assessment (BWA) from the certified tax advisor: of substantial help when making decisions, e.g. in regards to investments

Organization of the Company Finances

Order and clarity of the company finances are measurable success factors: in ongoing business, as well as in tax field audits.

  • Our employees are highly skilled professionals who ensure that all the transactions are correctly recorded according to commercial law and tax law.
  • Our accountants undergo continuous training and their expertise is always up to date.
  • We beat the chaos and tidy up your financial records.
  • Goodbye, pendulum files. You can keep your original documents. A scan is enough for us.
  • Upon request, we prepare payments for you, directly and efficiently derived from the bookkeeping system.
  • We advise you on VAT mistakes in your incoming and outgoing invoices, which could cost you money.
  • We ensure that your advance VAT returns are submitted to the tax authorities on time. If requested, we will send you reminders.
  • Before any reports are submitted to the tax authorities, a certified tax advisor reviews the bookkeeping – not just the annual financial statements, but all returns and declarations.
  • Upon request, we can send you reports on your company’s success at any time. With DATEV “Unternehmen Online” software, you can get online access to the invoices and the bookkeeping reports.

Financial Accounting – What Working with Us Is like

Business transactions are recorded and documented on behalf of our clients in this order:

  • You submit the bookkeeping receipts to us until an agreed date. This can be done either electronically (this way all the receipts remain with you), or as a hard copy.
  • We generally gete the bank account transaction data electronically via “bank assistant” software directly from your bank. You retain the account statements.
  • We sort the receipts, assign them to the correct bookkeeping account and prepare the bookkeeping on time.
  • Advance VAT returns are submitted electronically to the tax authorities for the respective accounting period.
  • Upon request, you receive a business assessment (BWA), based on which you can immediately determine your success.
  • We can gladly set up a reminder service for you, e.g. two weeks before the documents should be submitted to us.
  • We clarify any queries of the tax authorities directly with the responsible tax officers.
  • Tax authorities contact us directly for a tax field audit, and we can provide them with comprehensive information. Generally, the audit takes place at our office. From our experience, this cuts down the effort – and cost.

Please contact us if you wish to learn more about our financial accounting services or, if you would like to receive an offer from us.

Financial accounting for you. Everything is in order: receipts, dates, nerves.
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