Global Contacts

Cross-border business relations –under one roof with Benefitax

As internationally active certified tax advisors and chartered accountants, we know the problems in international business relations: different languages, different national, regional and local tax regulations – and again international and supranational tax laws. You can imagine that it is not easy to always find the right contact.
We have solutions ready for you. It is worthwhile for your clients.

Benefitax GmbH is excellently positioned for all issues related to cross-border tax affairs. We have several experts in international taxation. Including a specialist advisor in international taxation and several tax professors. Thus, we are not afraid of even the most difficult tasks. We create e.g. tax planning for internationally operating organizations and prepare transfer pricing documentation. We preemptively advise in tax field audits or help in negotiations with tax auditors, mainly when a specialized auditor for cross-border transactions is called in. We clarify whether specific income in a country must be declared or must be taxed there and identify any possible tax-efficient alternatives for you.
Furthermore, we have excellent contacts with tax experts outside Germany and can also help you internationally. You want to invest with a German company abroad and require a suitable local consultant or maybe you want to invest in Germany as a foreign company. Similarly, you can also get advice on the (tax) law and the business practices in other countries, in order to be able to develop further regional markets or in order to find out, when you must also register for tax purposes in another country or must file a tax return there.

Independent member in GGI Global Alliance AG, Baar – internationally positioned

Benefitax GmbH is an independent member of the alliance GGI Global Alliance AG, Baar (hereinafter mentioned as “GGI”). Since we participate in conferences of GGI every year, we know many experts personally or have already worked with them. This builds confidence. We will gladly refer you to the appropriate consultants abroad. Further information on GGI you can find here.

Frequently asked questions on international taxation

By means of the GGI alliance, Benefitax evidently has excellent contacts with distinguished and accomplished experts for years. The questions of the clients often involve international taxation or changes in the national tax laws, which are of significance to the foreign investors. Major cases or global changes and tendencies can be also handled in collaboration; for example the questions about BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting), Panama Papers, International assignments, transfer pricing, controlled foreign companies (CFC rules), tax exemptions for patent boxes, voluntary declarations, FATCA, holding companies and anti-treaty shopping provisions.

Wir sind international mit anderen Steuerberatern und Wirtschaftsprüfern vernetzt

If necessary, we can contact foreign colleagues.

Independent member in GGI Geneva Group International AG Zurich

Independent member in GGI Global Alliance AG, Baar for more than ten years