Quarterly and monthly financial statements – we provide reliable financial results

Get an insight on your finances even during the year.

Professional monthly and quarterly financial statements: Do you need professional reports for your consolidated financial statements of your German subsidiary? Do you regularly need interim financial statements for the creditors or investors? Or would you like to simply stay informed about the success of your company from time to time? We will gladly prepare interim financial statements as per your specifications within the deadline stipulated by you. Just let us know the reports you need or make your own reporting package available to us so that we can fill it out according to the interim financial statements prepared by us and send it to you on time. Fast close. You need the quarterly statement for the 3rd quarter until Friday, 1st October? No problem. We will do it for you.

What does a professional monthly or quarterly financial statement look like?

The content of the interim financial statement completely depends on your preferences. We prepare the interim financial statements depending on how close they should be to an annual financial statements or depending on which other information you require. In monthly or quarterly financial statements, the following tasks are mainly carried out beyond normal accounting:

  • Cut-off of all income and expenditure
  • Recording of depreciation and reconciliation of fixed assets accounting with financial accounting
  • Valuation of stock and determination of consumption of goods
  • Reconciliation of intra-group accounts
  • Determining and recording of interest expenses on loans
  • Adjustment of provisions and accruals
  • Corporate tax calculation
  • Preparation of interim financial report as per cost center
  • Preparation of your reporting package (e.g. balance sheet, profit and loss statement, result as per cost center, presentation of open items as of the closing date, in detail summary of individual balance sheet items such as provisions, comparisons over several years)
  • Variance analysis and commenting on the differences – so that you will be quickly informed of any extraordinary transactions during the reporting period, e.g. a newly acquired car or the bonuses paid to the employee.

This way, you also have an overview of your finances during the year. Upon request, even up to the standard of annual financial statements. Furthermore, you have prompt access to the financial data  and can rapidly identify any negative developments and take countermeasures.

Quality assurance: All financial statements are discussed according to the dual control principle.

Can you also prepare the interim financial statements in our company’s currency?

Yes, we can do that! According to the statutory provisions applicable in Germany, we prepare the accounting and interim financial statements in Euro. If you require interim financial statements or a completely separate accounting in another currency, e.g. for the consolidated financial statements of your parent company, we can surely help you. In order to avoid expensive duplication of effort, we automate the conversion of Euro data as much as possible.

Why should a chartered accountant prepare the interim financial statements?

Chartered accountants are especially qualified in the matters of accounting due to high emphasis on issues pertaining to commercial law during education and due to experience in auditing of financial statements.  Thanks to our long-standing auditing experience, we also exactly know where to look in order to identify accounting mistakes and we can thus prepare reliable interim financial statements. In addition, the reputation of the chartered accountants is especially recognized by banks. Banks basically have more confidence in interim financial statements prepared by chartered accountants than statements prepared on your own or prepared by certified tax advisors. This can also be useful in connection with credit ratings and approvals of bank loans.

Professional monthly financial statements by certified tax advisors.
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