Payroll accounting: one of the most complex topics in tax law. We take care of it for you.

Many tax-related questions are linked to payroll and wage accounting. But that’s not all. Labour and social security law are also important. We can take over the complate payroll accounting from you.

Payroll and wage accounting, reports to social insurance providers, travel expenses, overtime

Payroll accounting is a lot more than just maintaining the payment date for salaries and wages. Many steps must be completed until the net income is received on the account of the employees. Our basic service package is comprised of many activities.

We offer the following payroll services to you

  • Ongoing payroll and wage accounting
  • Allocation and settlement of overtime, travel expenses and bonuses
  • Wage tax and social security contributions: calculation, registration and preparation of payments
  • Health insurance/social insurance providers: registration, change in registration and deregistration of employees
  • Calculation of vacation, holiday and sick pay
  • Consultation on company cars: purchasing or leasing? 1% method or logbook?

Additional services of our payroll experts range from payroll accounting of international assignments and deferred compensation to retirement provisions

  • Advice in cases of international assignments of German employees or of foreigners on assignment in Germany
  • Employment contracts: tax-based advise on how correctly design contracts and to show you the possible scope
  • Advise on company cars
  • Which costs can be reimbursed tax-free to employees, which ones with lump-sum wage tax?
  • Review of travel expense reports with respect to tax and social security law
  • Preparation of and support in wage tax field audits or audits of the employment agency or German Federal Pension Scheme
  • Reports on disability contributions, to the staturory accidence insurance and to statistical offices
  • Processing and accounting of partial retirement
  • Preparation of salary statements / certificates of employment
  • Accounting for short-time work
  • Preparation and presentation of individual staff reports in Excel
  • Preparation/monitoring and cost calculation of offers for company pension plans and deferred compensation

Lohnbuchhaltung bei der Benefitax GmbH

Payroll accounting with Benefitax GmbH

Paperles payroll accounting

    With DATEV’s “Unternehmen online” program, our clients can offer their employees the option of accessing their payroll documents paperlessly in a secure electronic portal with password protection. To do this, the employer first activate the employee and the employee register. As soon as a payroll is ready, the employee receives a message by email and can access their payroll within seconds by means of a TAN sent by SMS. Afterwards the following advantages result:

    • There are no postage costs and no time for printing and enveloping pay slips. This reduces costs for the employer.
    • Employees receive their statements earlier because there is no time to send them by surface mail.
    • Employees can access the statements on any PC, tablet or smartphone while on the road.
    • The digital pay slips are stored in the database for 10 years. There is no need to print out or search for old, lost pay slips.

We provide advice on and relieve you of Payroll Accounting tasks:
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