Tax Consulting and Accounting for Companies
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We offer a full range of comprehensive solutions right from financial accounting via payroll accounting to balance sheets and tax returns for companies. We combine international expertise and add a personal touch to our services: +49-69-25622760

As certified tax advisors, chartered accountants and business consultants we can cater to various client requirements

Our offerings are very diverse. Therefore, it may take a couple of minutes, until you go through our entire comprehensive portfolio. Take your time in order to get to know more about our services. In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We have an international alliance as chartered accountants and consultants, and we are at your service as certified tax advisors.

We offer services for all the mandatory tax obligations of a company:

We offer services for all the tax obligations of companies:

Our comprehensive solutions for companies

We offer companies complete solutions for fulfilling their tax responsibilities as part of our comprehensive solutions:

You can also avail these services individually.

We advise companies before, during and after their foundation

We are there for you long before a contract is signed: whether it is the foundation of a company, a branch office, or the beginning of a co-operation. We support you right from the initial deliberations up to the foundation of your company. We are also there for you when you have taken a decision for a specific structure or a legal form (e.g. (GmbH) Limited Liability Company, (AG) Joint Stock Company, (KG) Limited Partnership, (OHG) General Partnership, (Partnerschaftsgesellschaft) Partnership Company, (Sozietät) joint practice, (e.K.) Registered Trader). On request, we undertake the fiscal registration for your new company and with your power of attorney; we can function as the contact person for government authorities. You can read more about the foundation of a company here.