Compliance in the financial sector: Complete solutions for financial accounting, payroll accounting, tax returns, annual financial statements or cash basis accounting

We offer various service components, which you can also book as one complete solution – like compliance for accounting and finance from one and the same provider. We ensure that you know and comply with the rules to be followed and thus, do not come in conflict with the law. Always be flexible. Watch our boxes. Links take you to further information or to contact page.

Our services: out-of-the-box and from one provider. Select one, many or all:

Financial accounting

Learn more about how we can relieve you in your everyday accounting work.

Payroll accounting

We correctly prepare your pay slips and on time and submit all mandatory notifications. We advise you on planned new hires. Learn more about Payroll accounting here.

Payment transactions

We prepare all the payments for you, which you only need to approve. We also process these payments for you upon request. Our services for your payment transactions.

Value Added Tax

We help you to comply with all VAT regulations and prepare VAT expert opinions and declarations for you. You can find further information on VAT here.

Interim financial statements

Upon request, we generate monthly or quarterly financial statements and reports for you. What needs to be considered for monthly and quarterly financial statements.

Company tax returns

Company tax returns: Read more on how we can support you with company tax returns for VAT, trade tax and corporate income tax here.

Annual financial statements according to commercial law and tax law

Our full service for corporations and GmbH & Co KGs (limited commercial partnerships). We prepare the financial statements according to commercial law and tax law.

Cash basis accounting

Profit determination on basis of the income tax act (EStG) using cash basis accounting

Travel expenses

We check the travel expense reports of your employees and ensure correct handling according to wage taxation. Find out, how your travel expenses can be easily managed.

Review of tax assessment notices

We review tax assessment notices in due time and file appeals against them, if necessary. Approach us for the review of tax assessment notices.

Support in tax field audits

We support companies in tax field audits. We fight for your right. If necessary, we will go to court with you. We support you in tax field audits.

Objection and complaint proceedings

We will fight for your rights during objection and complaint proceedings: Counsel in fiscal court trials.

Financial budget and liquidity plan

Financial budget and liquidity planning – we advise companies on how to plan their funds and how to identify insolvencies in time. Financial budget and liquidity plan.


We create or check your tax compliance management system to help you become less prone to errors. You can find out more under Tax-CMS.

Providing a local director

There are many reasons why you may want to install a local director for your entity in Germany. Let us help you to find the right Person, trustworthy, with international background  and the necessary experience.

With us your finance and accounting becomes calculable.
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