Consulting and Audit

Business consulting and audits are one of our core tasks as auditors, for which we were trained and in which we were able to gain practical experience. Continuing professional education and technical exchange with colleagues guarantee the high quality of our work at any time.

We regulary provide these consulting and auditing services for companies:

Foundation Consulting

When a company is founded or a branch is set up, the issues at stake include the future tax burden, the choice of legal form, liquidity planning and many other decisions. We can help you with this.

Financial and Tax Due Diligence

With Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) companies can grow very fast and increase their assets – but also destroy them. As part of due diligence, we help clients to identify opportunities and risks in transactions in good time.

Company Valuations

Company valuations are necessary, for example, in order to determine an appropriate purchase price for company sales.

Support for meeting with the bank

Particularly when applying for or extending loans, meaningful documentation, good preparation for the bank meeting and/or support during the bank meeting are crucial. We support you in this.

Coast accounting and Controlling

For example, we analyse for you what you can optimize in terms of business management. This includes cost accounting and controlling.

Audits of annual financial statements

We offer a range of audits, using a modern, risk-oriented audit approach that differs from the major audit firms. Our audit focus is on voluntary audits of annual financial statements in accordance with the German Commercial Code.

Our portfolio for audits

  • Voluntary audits of annual financial statements, special audits
  • Review of financial statements
  • Audit of accounting related internal control systems
  • Audit of risk management systems
  • Audit of IT systems and data security processes
  • Audit or certification of outsourcing companies as per ISAE 3402 or IDW PS 951 on “The audit of internal control system for service industry”
  • Special audits in accordance to stock corporation law and other specialized audits
  • Audits on formation of a company on the basis of contributions in kind, audits of increases of the nominal share capital
  • Credibility audits / balance sheet rating
Jahresabschluss Prüfung Wirtschaftsprüfer

Annual audits by us as chartered accountants

Our auditing focus: Voluntary annual audits as per the German Commercial Code
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