International Taxation

Cross-border tax issues

Benefitax GmbH is specialized in all issues related to cross-border tax affairs. We have several experts in international taxation. Including a specialist advisor in international taxation  and several tax professors. So, we won’t back away from even the most difficult tasks. We create tax planning and transfer pricing documentations for organizations with international operations. We advise in advance of the tax field audits or help in negotiations with the tax auditor, mainly when a specialized auditor for cross-border transactions is called in. We clarify whether specific income must be declared or must be taxed in a certain country and identify any possible tax-efficient alternatives.

Contacts with international taxation experts

Furthermore, we have excellent contacts with tax experts outside Germany and we can also help in any cross-border busines. Perhaps you are a German company which wants to invest abroad and requires a suitable local consultant or you want to invest in Germany as a foreign company. You can also get advice on the (tax) law and business practices in other countries, in order to be able to develop further regional markets or to find out when you must register for tax purposes in another country or file a tax return.

GGI Membership

Since we are a member of GGI, one of the world’s leading alliances of independent firms in the field of accounting, taxation and legal advice, we can call in the expertise of other members or connect you with an expert from one of the 500-plus member firms from approx. 120 countries. GGI is an alliance and not a network in terms of Section 319 b of the German commercial code (HGB).

We offer the following services in international taxation for companies

International taxation for companies and individuals

International taxation for companies and individuals