GGI Global Alliance AG

10 Jahre Mitglied in GGIGGI is a limited company governed by Swiss law with administrative headquarters in Zurich. More than 600 member firms are present in over 120 countries. More than 28,000 employees generated a cumulative turnover of over 6 billion US dollars in 2017. For this reason, GGI is world’s largest alliance of independent accounting, auditing, law, consulting and trust firms according to the “Accountancy Magazine”, London. If all organizations are taken into account, not only including alliances but also networks, GGI is ranked 6th globally.
GGI is the member of EGIAN, the European Group of International Accounting Networks and Associations, and of AILFIN, the Association of International Law Firm Networks. GGI is an alliance and not a network as per Section 319b of the German commercial code (HGB). GGI as an alliance neither practices the profession of a chartered accountant nor that of the certified tax advisor, lawyer, corporate consultant or trustee. GGI also does not provide any consultancy services to the third party. GGI is also not a joint venture and no partnership of the involved firms. Since the firms of the alliance are independent, GGI is not responsible for the services or the quality of the services provided by the involved firms. Similarly, Benefitax GmbH is also not responsible for the services or the quality of services provided by other GGI members.

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