Tax consulting for trade (distance selling / import / export and marketing companies)

Germany has been a leader in the export of goods for many years. German goods have an excellent reputation across the globe and the German trade surplus is enormous. Trade helps in getting these goods to the customer. The trend is clearly towards distance selling of standard products.
Of course, we also want and need the goods and services from abroad. Many goods can be produced at a lower rate in foreign countries (especially in Asia) or some raw materials grow only in specific countries. Import firms or German sales companies of foreign groups bring these goods to us. We face a lower risk and the buying decision is easier.

Benefitax has extensive experience in tax-related support of trading companies. We are aware of most of the problems in finance and compliance before the client stumbles upon them. We identify possible solutions and if desired, provide full support as a One-Stop-Shop

Tax consulting for trade

Tax consulting for trade

Sale of goods or services of the parent company in Germany: Tax consulting for sales companies

Sales companies have to distribute goods or services in Germany, the DACH region or sometimes all across Europe. As long as your company is not big, it is not worth establishing your own administration. Benefitax undertakes the tasks of a finance department and serves as a one-stop-shop. Read more here.

Radical change of the consumer behavior. Be a part of it. Tax consulting for distance selling (online shop, e-commerce)

The tendency is crystal clear. In the future, people will buy less and less in real shops and order more and more online. This is mainly applicable to standard products, the selection of which requires no guidance. The most important factor for online trading are transparent prices, and secondly, the contractual conditions and vendor ratings. The risk is manageable thanks to delivery service and return guarantees and the consumers save a lot on time. Vendors have to adjust their business. They save large amounts of money normally spent on staff, rent or depreciation for decentralized warehousing and the presentation of products in shops, and must invest in IT and online marketing instead. However, one has to keep an eye on the fiscal and legal framework. Benefitax helps you with our specialized services for distance selling.

Globalization in offices: Tax consulting for import and export companies

Many invoices are generated and many taxes and duties are paid in international trade. The margins are often low and the volumes high. Small mistakes can have huge impacts. The regulations applicable are especially complex in case of import and export companies due to versatile tax laws. We shed some light on such complexities in international trade. Services for import and export companies.