Benefitax leading Tax Consultancy in the Central Region – so Juve Handbook Taxes

We are very pleased that the legal publisher Juve has again named us one of the leading tax consulting firms in Germany in its “Juve Handbuch Steuern 2023”. The team’s expertise in the area of international tax law, the India and Israel Desk as well as the competencies in dealing with unusual and complex requests from domestic as well as foreign clients were particularly highlighted. In this context, the editorial team also acknowledged the strong competition in Frankfurt, not only from the “Big Four”. Nevertheless, Benefitax has carved out its niche in the German market as a “highly specialized tax boutique” in advising international companies. Oliver Biernat, as founder and managing director of Benefitax is listed as one of the leading names in the region.

The Juve publishing house publishes handbooks, monthly magazines and online news for lawyers, patent attorneys and tax advisors in law firms, consulting companies, companies, the judiciary and administration.