Travel Expenses – Constant Change of Regulations?

The regulations regarding wage taxation and social security for the accounting of travel expenses change frequently. When you don’t work with regularly updated programs and the latest legislations, it is possible that you submit incorrect wage tax notifications and statements of contributions to social security and record the travel expenses incorrectly in the accounting. Our payroll accountants regularly attend training courses, where they learn about new regulations. Every year, we buy the latest standard works of reference on payroll accounting and wage tax, and we have online access to the latest and comprehensive databases on taxation. Our software provider regularly updates the programs to incorporate any changes in the regulation and in the wage taxation tables. Our payroll accountants can consult with our certified tax advisors at the professional level in complex matters.

Usually, the following items change every year in terms of travel expenses:

  • Wage taxation tables
  • Social security premiums
  • Lump sums for additional meal expenses
  • Lump sums for lodging
  • Details of the meal provision by the employer

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Why should a certified tax advisor check the travel expenses of your employees?