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DATEV Upload Mobil

Upload of travel expense receipts via app Requirements and setup: It is imperative that you use the DATEV software „Unternehmen online“ application, which entails additional costs but also brings further advantages. This includes, for example, audit-proof archiving of receipts, online read access at any time to your own accounting and reports with access to the […]

German Chartered Accountants vs. pure German Certified Tax Adivisors

Chartered Accountants have extensive experience and go through years of training. Often, clients decide on hiring a Chartered Accountant instead of a certified tax advisor because of the well-grounded and extensive training of Chartered Accountants, which frequently results in a high quality of their work. In addition, an impeccable reputation always plays an important role […]

Tax Number – How can you get it?

The tax number is mandatory on all outgoing invoices. The recipient of an invoice cannot deduct input tax without the tax number of the supplier on the invoice. Of course this only applies to companies with input tax authorization. Without a VAT ID number (Value Added Tax Identification Number) a company cannot identify itself as […]

Branch office vs. Company

We are often asked which one is better: a branch office or a GmbH (Limited Liability Company). Mostly two issues are incorrectly estimated. Many believe that the effort and costs for establishing and administering a branch office are much less than for a subsidiary. Others incorrectly think that they can conduct business in Germany or […]

Legal Form Selection

Selection of the legal form before the foundation of a company is much more than just a formality. There are many legal and tax-related risks and opportunities to be evaluated. We advise you on the selection of the suitable legal form. Factors, which are decisive in the legal form selection Foundation of a company in […]

GGI – Geneva Group International AG

GGI is a limited company governed by Swiss law with administrative headquarters in Zurich. More than 550 member firms are present in over 120 countries. More than 28,000 employees generated a cumulative turnover of over 5 billion US dollars in 2017. For this reason, GGI is world’s largest alliance of independent accounting, auditing, law, consulting […]

Self-disclosure: What changes came into effect in 2015?

   Subsequent tax declarations for all tax offenses of one tax not subject to the limitation period for minimum 10 years (previously 5 years)     New reasons for blocking (i.e. self-disclosure not allowed): VAT or wage taxation inspection, tax evasion of more than €25,000 per offense, especially severe case of tax evasion     Prerequisite conditions […]