When can lunch be fully deducted?

It is common knowledge that a flat rate of 30% is not deductible for business-related entertainment expenses, including tips. This is the case when third parties such as customers, consultants, suppliers or cooperation partners are invited to a meal. What is less well known is that costs for food and drinks at company events such as […]

25 years as an auditor

On 26 September, our Managing Director Oliver Biernat was delighted to receive a special award: on the occasion of the “Anniversary Day” event, the Chamber of Public Accountants in Hesse presented him with an honorary certificate in recognition of his 25 years of professional service as a public accountant. The President of the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber […]

Benefitax leading Tax Consultancy in the Central Region – so Juve Handbook Taxes

We are very pleased that the legal publisher Juve has again named us one of the leading tax consulting firms in Germany in its “Juve Handbuch Steuern 2023”. The team’s expertise in the area of international tax law, the India and Israel Desk as well as the competencies in dealing with unusual and complex requests […]